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Low cost, industrial scale carbon nanotube (CNT) and CNT masterbatch products promise tremendous opportunities in antistatic, ESD and conductive plastic component designs, thus make them suitable for the applications from automobile, electronics, constructions to 3D printing.

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Heebut Materials is a Seattle based company to commercialize industrial scale carbon nanotube (CNT) products and to develop solutions to realize competitive applications on performance improvements and cost reductions.  Heebut, or x̌ibəč̓ in the Lushootseed language spoken by the native Indians in the Seattle area is the word for color “black”. It is used here to refer to the black color and metallic properties of CNTs. Proved advantages over conductive carbon blacks and carbon nanofibers on both performance and manufacture cost, Heebut Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are making waves on the industries from conductive plastics, rubbers to paints-coatings-adhesives.


Manufacturing through innovation, Heebut Materials provides unmatched high-performance and low-cost multiwall carbon nanotubes for polymer composite industries. Heebut has a growing manufacturing plant in Jiangxi, China with a current capacity of 100 tons/year.


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